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Kutlíkova 17
85102 Bratislava
Reg.no. 36677515
VAT no. 2022252166
Managing Director & Finance
General Manager
Vladislav Hečko+421-902680943 vlado.hecko@austromar.sk
Sales Department
FCL/SS Sales and Pricing
Vladislav Hečko+421-902680943 vlado.hecko@austromar.sk
Break Bulk, Project Cargo, Special Equipment, Ro-Ro
Vladislav Hečko+421-902680943 vlado.hecko@austromar.sk
LCL / AIR Sales and Pricing
Katarína Macková+421-918606123 katarina.mackova@austromar.sk
Rail Cargo
Lenka Baratová+421-911278736 lenka.baratova@austromar.sk
Operations Department
FCL, AIR, Break Bulk, Project Cargo, Special Equipment, Ro-Ro, Rail Cargo Operations
Lenka Baratová+421-911278736 lenka.baratova@austromar.sk
Team Leader LCL Operations
Marián Hajdák+421-911670943marian.hajdak@austromar.sk
LCL Operations
Henrich Jackuliak+421-911832919henrich.jackuliak@austromar.sk
Andrea Kotesová+421-911815583andrea.kotesova@austromar.sk
Natalia Kromholcová+421-911164649natalia.kromholcova@austromar.sk